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Granada Dining Set with 4x Rachana Chairs - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Granada Dining Set with 4x Rachana Chairs

Introducing our stunning slate table crafted with a durable thick slate top and supported by two solid thick wood panels and elegant white wax wood legs. The table's carbon grey finish adds a modern touch to...
Durham Sofa With Adjustable Back - Penta Living
2-seaters W225xD100xH75/95cm

[Summer Sale] Durham Sofa With Adjustable Back

Durham Sofa Experience unparalleled comfort and versatility with our adjustable back sofa. Crafted with imported pine wood, high-density foam, and sleek high-sloping metal legs, this sofa combines luxury and durability. The...
Yuliana Bed - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Yuliana Bed

$13,800.00From $8,900.00
Introducing our luxurious Yuliana bed, featuring imported Italian top-grain leather, a solid wood ribbed frame, high-density sponge, and solid wood feet. The Italian top-grain leather adds a touch of sophistication...
[Summer Sale] Zaden Bed

[Summer Sale] Zaden Bed

$15,000.00From $9,000.00
The Zaden Bed, a premium sleeping solution that combines luxury, durability, and comfort. Crafted with top-quality materials, this bed is designed to provide a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.The headboard...
[Summer Sale] Casey Dining Set with 4x Lacey Chairs

[Summer Sale] Casey Dining Set with 4x Lacey Chairs

The Casey Slate Dining Table is a stunning and unique piece of furniture that combines natural materials with a sleek and modern design. The table top is crafted from high-quality...
Graham TV Cabinet - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Graham TV Cabinet

Graham TV Cabinet, expertly crafted with high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail. The cabinet features a 6mm thick Brazilian crystal rock slab, which adds a unique and eye-catching element...
Dariel Cabinet - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Dariel Cabinet

Dariel Cabinet is a combination of beauty and durability, boasting a sleek and modern design that is sure to complement any space. The cabinet is made from high-quality Karaya limestone board,...
Katana Sofa - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Katana Sofa

Introducing our revolutionary sofa, combining the ultimate comfort and convenience. Featuring a nanofiber upholstery, down-filled cushions, latex padding, high-density foam, and a durable carbon steel frame. Every component is fully...
Holden TV Cabinet - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Holden TV Cabinet

Holden TV Cabinet, crafted with a stunning combination of natural stone and high-density boards. The high-density boards are finished with a glossy paint, adding a sleek and modern touch to...
Daffodil Bed - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Daffodil Bed

The Daffodil Bed is a stylish and comfortable sleeping solution that combines premium materials for a restful sleep experience. The bed features a solid rib frame, high-density sponge padding, and...
[Limited Time Offer] Luton Sofa - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Luton Sofa

Introducing our premium sofa, featuring high-quality cotton and linen fabric, paired with high-resilience foam and plush toy cotton for ultimate comfort. With latex padding, down-filled pillows, sturdy pine wood panels,...
Rada Table Set with 4x Macon Chairs - Penta Living

[Summer Sale] Rada Table Set with 4x Macon Chairs

The Rada Slate dining table is not only a stunning piece of furniture but also a functional and versatile option as a conference or negotiation table. The tabletop is made...