About Us


PENTA is all about quality and value

We are a small team of curators that embody living spaces with sophistication and comfort, we bring your vision to life with with artfully crafted furniture and exceptional experiences with a personal touch.

We started this because just like you, we feel that there are very few options for quality home furniture. Whether it's inflated price tags for subpar quality or inferior designs that lack durability, the market has left customers searching for better alternatives.

Surviving the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic, we emerged stronger and established PENTA, an assessable furniture retail platform. We want PENTA to be a place for high quality furniture that need not compromise your budget.


Exquisitely Crafted

Quality is our priority, from upholstery (fabrics and leather) and cushion fillings, to details finishing and overall construction, we make sure they are tested with time.

Timelessly Designed

Our furniture collections are always handpicked to be an elevating and aesthetic addition to any home.

Value Conscious

We believe that creating a dream home can be accomplished with mindful investments, while make no compromise on the quality of our products.

Customised Care

We are a small team dedicated to bring your visions to life and we understand that details make all the difference. Have questions? Just ask us.