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Micha Sofa - Penta Living

Micha Sofa

$1,035.00From $900.00
Micha Modular SofaMicha Modular Sofa boasts maximum flexibility, comfort and style with its luxurious materials. This spontaneous and casual modularity allows endless confirguration that best usits your style and needs.You...
Deborah Sofa

Deborah Sofa

$28,000.00From $17,300.00
Introducing our fully custom made sofa - Deborah Sofa with limiteless custom options. Perfectly designed to suit both commercial and residential spaces, this sofa features a sleek and modern design...
Duffie Sofa - Penta Living

Duffie Sofa

$8,000.00From $4,800.00
Duffie Leather Sofa, expertly crafted with high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail. This leather sofa is available in a choice of three upholstery options: fabric, 50% leather, or full...
Dallas Lounge Chair - Penta Living

Dallas Lounge Chair

From $9,400.00
Dallas Lounge Chair exudes a classic and timeless elegance, with a saddle leather in a specified color and a sturdy iron frame with a durable powder-coated finish. The chair is...
Denver Coffee Table - Penta Living

Denver Coffee Table

$5,000.00From $4,200.00
Introducing the perfect coffee table to any modern living room, the Denver coffee table. This stunning piece of furniture is designed to provide both style and functionality, with its sleek carbon...
Nakia Coffee Table - Penta Living

Nakia Coffee Table

Our signature marble coffee table - the Nakia Coffee Table is a stunning and contemporary piece of furniture that combines natural elements with modern design. The tabletop boasts a beautiful...
Durham Sofa With Adjustable Back - Penta Living
2-seaters W225xD100xH75/95cmL-shape W300xD163xH75/95cm

Durham Sofa With Adjustable Back

$23,300.00From $12,800.00
Durham Sofa Experience unparalleled comfort and versatility with our adjustable back sofa. Crafted with imported pine wood, high-density foam, and sleek high-sloping metal legs, this sofa combines luxury and durability. The...
Ricco Side Table - Penta Living

Ricco Side Table

This is a sturdy and stylish side table made from high-quality wood and metal hardware. It is the perfect size for a variety of uses and will add a touch...
Dustin Sofa - Penta Living

Dustin Sofa

$28,800.00From $17,500.00
Dustin Leather Sofa uses premium top grain Ieather, but also available in three different material options to suit your style and comfort preferences. Choose from genuine top grain leather, 50%...
Joshua Sofa - Penta Living

Joshua Sofa

$16,500.00From $8,200.00
Introducing Joshua Sofa, crafted with the finest materials to provide you with the utmost comfort and style. Our sofa is made of high-quality cotton-linen blend fabric, which is both soft...
Gaston 3-Seater Sofa in white fabric at showroom

Gaston Sofa

$13,000.00From $9,000.00
Gaston SofaThis modern sofa, also available in our Quarry Bay showroom features imported top-quality Italian leather, the supple and inviting leather adds a touch of opulence to your living space....
Raeanne Coffee Table - Penta Living

Raeanne Coffee Table

The Raeanne Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines natural beauty and industrial edge. The table's top is crafted from exquisite Black Nine Roses natural stone, adding...