Our Partners

Design & Architecture

Range Design

Range Design is a Chartered Qualified Architectural Firm accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects. They provide professional architectural and design solutions for various commercial projects: educational, office, and catering etc.

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Furniture & Decor

The Editors Company

Everybody deserves a home that is calm and rejuvenating. Editors Company helps people design and furnish their homes conveniently, personally and affordably.

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Healthy Giant

With German food-grade surface nano-coating, our patented networked nano structure fills the surface micropores and defects, creating a brand new smooth surface that is hydrophobic, oil-repellent, stain-resistant, dust-resistant, antimicrobial, and UV-protective.

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Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

FEW has become Asia’s largest membership platform for women to learn, network and market their businesses and expertise. FEW Consulting offers business consultation to companies mainly on women demographics marketing and membership or community building.

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Les Vins de Jade

Les Vins de Jade company Limited (LVJ) is a professional wine importer and distributor of fine wines.

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Toki Studio

Toki Studio in Quarry Bay offers pottery courses, suitable to all pottery lovers and crafters, let us embrace the beauty of pottery.

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Homage Skinlab

Their well-trained therapists provide a wide range of tailor-made, comprehensive treatments, solving all skin problems. All treatment and product prices are clearly stated with no hard-selling.

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Bonham Strand

Bonham Strand is an award-winning manufacturer of quality bespoke apparel for men and women which restoring the traditional value to the “Made in Hong Kong” brand. Manufacturing locally offers a promising space for self-development and elevation for the disenfranchised garment workers and youth in our community.

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Paige Luminous

Paige Luminous brings cutting-edge technology to develop efficient, safe, and multifunctional radiofrequency beauty devices. By focusing on the beauty of both the skin and the mind, we assist women worldwide in establishing an easy and long-lasting skincare routine.

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