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Sura Bed - Penta Living

Sura Bed

$13,200.00From $8,500.00
The Sura Bed is a luxurious and durable bed that combines the finest materials and craftsmanship for a comfortable and stylish sleeping experience. It features a top-quality Napa leather headboard,...
Neto Bed - Penta Living

Neto Bed

From $9,900.00
Indulge in the utmost comfort and luxury with our Bed. Made with premium lambswool fabric, high-density foam, and solid wood legs, this bed offers a cozy and supportive sleeping experience....
Daffodil Bed - Penta Living

Daffodil Bed

$9,500.00From $9,300.00
The Daffodil Bed is a stylish and comfortable sleeping solution that combines premium materials for a restful sleep experience. The bed features a solid rib frame, high-density sponge padding, and...
Babette Bed (Ottoman Option) - Penta Living

Babette Bed (Ottoman Option)

$13,000.00From $8,300.00
The Babette Bed. This bed is designed with a headboard upholstered in top-grain Napa leather, providing a soft and supple surface to lean against while reading or watching TV. The...
Bacchus Bed (Ottoman Option) - Penta Living

Bacchus Bed (Ottoman Option)

$12,600.00From $8,300.00
The Bacchus Bed, a luxurious and comfortable bed crafted with imported Italian top-grain leather, solid wood frame, feather cotton, high-density sponge, and solid wood legs. The high-quality leather offers a...
Remington Bed (Ottoman Option) - Penta Living

Remington Bed (Ottoman Option)

$14,300.00From $10,000.00
The Remington Bed, a luxurious and elegant bed that embraces both comfort and durability. The bed is crafted with imported Italian top-grain leather, steel and wood frame, and high-density sponge....
Dawson Bed - Penta Living

Dawson Bed

From $10,500.00
The Dawson Bed is a stylish and comfortable addition to any bedroom. Its high-quality cotton and linen blend fabric is layered with soft cotton padding, providing a cozy and comfortable...
Yaakov Bed - Penta Living

Yaakov Bed

$13,100.00From $9,500.00
Introducing the Yaakov Bed, a luxurious sleeping experience crafted with the finest materials. The bed features a top layer of premium Napa leather that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its solid...
Penn Bed - Penta Living

Penn Bed

From $16,000.00
Introducing the Penn Bed, a luxurious and high-quality bed designed to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience. The bed features a superior cotton fabric, which is soft to the...
Lowman Bed - Penta Living

Lowman Bed

From $12,500.00
This lowman bed features a combination of premium materials and sturdy frame construction to provide lasting comfort and support. The mattress and bed base use a high-quality cotton-linen fabric cover...
Emmery Bed - Penta Living

Emmery Bed

From $14,000.00
The Emmery Bed is a luxurious and comfortable sleeping solution that features a unique combination of high-quality materials and innovative design. The bed is constructed with a premium sandblasted leather...
Durland Bed - Penta Living

Durland Bed

From $14,000.00
The Durland Bed is a masterpiece, elegantly marrying the natural rusticity of old elm wood with the soft, breathable comfort of cotton and linen fabric. Crafted with meticulous attention to...