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Denver Coffee Table - Penta Living

Denver Coffee Table

$5,000.00From $4,200.00
Introducing the perfect coffee table to any modern living room, the Denver coffee table. This stunning piece of furniture is designed to provide both style and functionality, with its sleek carbon...
Nakia Coffee Table - Penta Living

Nakia Coffee Table

Our signature marble coffee table - the Nakia Coffee Table is a stunning and contemporary piece of furniture that combines natural elements with modern design. The tabletop boasts a beautiful...
Macario Coffee Table - Penta Living

Macario Coffee Table

$8,000.00From $5,500.00
The Macario Coffee Table is a masterpiece of modern design, featuring a stunning combination of natural stone and sleek metal. Its tabletop is crafted from natural stone, which boasts a...
Saige Coffee Table - Penta Living

Saige Coffee Table

Saige Coffee Table featuring a stunning combination of white Bulgari marble and weathered elm wood, finished in a sleek carbon black. The unique blend of textures and colors creates a striking...
Walker Coffee Table - Penta Living

Walker Coffee Table

Introducing the exquisite Walker Coffee Table, a true testament to the marriage of natural beauty and Italian craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted from aged elm wood, this table emanates a sense of rustic charm and...
Madison Coffee Table - Penta Living

Madison Coffee Table

The Madison Coffee Table is a stunning and sophisticated addition to any living space. Crafted with weathered elm wood, this coffee table boasts a unique and rustic appearance that adds...
Rika Side Table - Penta Living

Rika Side Table

Rika is a beautifully crafted side table made from a combination of high-quality wood and solid wood. With its sleek and minimalist design, this table is both functional and stylish, making...
Ricco Side Table - Penta Living

Ricco Side Table

This is a sturdy and stylish side table made from high-quality wood and metal hardware. It is the perfect size for a variety of uses and will add a touch...
Raeanne Coffee Table - Penta Living

Raeanne Coffee Table

The Raeanne Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines natural beauty and industrial edge. The table's top is crafted from exquisite Black Nine Roses natural stone, adding...
Titus Side Table - Penta Living

Titus Side Table

The Titus side table is a stunning combination of modern design and rugged materials. Featuring a solid 11mm thick slate grey rock panel tabletop, this table offers a unique and sophisticated texture...
Yamen Side Table - Penta Living

Yamen Side Table

The Yamen Side Table is a stunning piece of furniture that exudes elegance and sophistication. The tabletop is crafted from a beautiful natural stone called Black Orosei, featuring a deep...
Serni Stool - Penta Living

Serni Stool

Introducing a versatile and stylish wooden stool, perfect for any modern home. Crafted from premium North American ash wood, this stool features a sturdy frame that can withstand daily wear...