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Rosia Bedside Table - Penta Living

Rosia Bedside Table

The Rosia Bedside Table exudes grace and simplicity through the marriage of natural materials and restrained modern details. The thick slab of textured grey stone that forms the countertop and...
Lacey Chair - Penta Living

Lacey Chair

The Lacey Chair is the epitome of modern luxury. This chair is upholstered with high-quality faux leather, which is resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for...
Shakira Sofa - Penta Living

Shakira Sofa

$19,800.00From $14,200.00
Shakira Sofa filled with cozy down feathers, and supported with high-density sponge and sturdy carbon steel legs. The sleek design and low profile of this sofa make it a perfect addition...
Tatum Side Table - Penta Living

Tatum Side Table

The Tatum Side Table is a stunning piece of furniture that features an all-stainless steel construction with an electroplated brushed brass finish. The table exudes a luxurious and modern vibe,...
Sana Sofa - Penta Living

Sana Sofa

$19,800.00From $17,300.00
Sana Sofa carefully crafted with the finest materials to provide ultimate comfort and style. The first option features a blend of high-quality cotton and linen, soft down feathers, and high-density sponge...
Yaakov Bed - Penta Living

Yaakov Bed

$13,100.00From $10,100.00
Introducing the Yaakov Bed, a luxurious sleeping experience crafted with the finest materials. The bed features a top layer of premium Napa leather that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its solid...
Saphire Cabinet - Penta Living

Saphire Cabinet

Saphire Cabinet is a solid wood cabinet made from elm wood and treated with a weathered finish to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The cabinet doors feature a carbon steel frame...
Kaede Slate Dining Table - Penta Living

Kaede Slate Dining Table

$12,100.00From $10,900.00
The Kaede Slate Dining Table is a stunning piece of furniture that showcases the beauty of natural stone. The table top is made from high-quality Heide slate, which is known for its...
Daffodil Bed - Penta Living

Affodil Bed (Hydraulic bed with storage space)

$9,500.00From $8,600.00
The Affodil Bed is a stylish and comfortable sleeping solution that combines premium materials for a restful sleep experience. The bed features a solid rib frame, high-density sponge padding, and...
Logano Lounge Chair - Penta Living

Logano Lounge Chair

Introducing our high-end office chair, meticulously designed for comfort and functionality. Crafted with a blend of premium simulated leather and molded foam, it offers luxurious support throughout the day. The...
Edda Coffee Table - Penta Living

Edda Coffee Table

The Edda Coffee Table is a modern and stylish piece of furniture that combines functionality with design. The table top is made of tempered grey tea glass, which not only...
Easton Coffee Table - Penta Living

Easton Coffee Table

The Easton Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines functionality with style. It is crafted from an E1 grade medium-density fiberboard and features a luxurious ultra-fiber saddle...